Who Is Marilyn?

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Marilyn never really thought about why quartz crystal spheres held such a fascination and comfort for her. But if you look at the house on the left, you will see that it is constructed of huge granite, feldspar and quartz boulders...big round stones full of quartz! This is the home Marilyn grew up in on Treasure Island situated right on the shores of the St Lawrence River just east of Kingston Ontario Canada. Marilyn still lives in Kingston today. From a very early age Marilyn would slip down to the shoreline of granite boulders and gaze out at the river. Here she learned the technique of scrying, to discern, which she uses today reading crystal balls for you. We had great fun in this home where you would find a ouija board and eventually Tarot cards when Marilyn was about 12. The home was magical and amazing. It was the very place for a budding psychic to grow up. Its where she learned to care about others. Here is what Marilyn can do for you.

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  • Put you in touch with deep emotional feelings.
  • Show you where those feelings come from.
  • Point out steps you can take now to release those feelings and
  • How to grow new feelings as you heal.
  • Show you how you can Love Your Future and Find Peace For Your Soul!
(We keep repeating that because that's what we do best!)
Ready to get started? Call 613-549-2438 or email Buy generic avodart online
I have been the beneficiary of psychic consultations with Marilyn Shannon for a couple years now. I call Marilyn to gain more clarity about issues and to go deeper into my own awareness and understanding of my life and my self. Marilyn uses a mix of approaches - coaching, counseling, advising and consulting. Her psychic ability and extraordinary intuition underpin these approaches and enable her to be truly helpful.
  • Years of experience helping people solve problems (solving her own problems adds to her insights).
  • Deep intuitive sense of what the cards and crystals are saying about what you are feeling, fearful of, and hoping for.
  • Taped or voice recorded readings so that you can listen to your reading later on.
  • Longer than average readings with time for questions.
  • People say that my readings make a big difference in their life!
I heard about Marilyn through a friend at work, and I had my first reading spring 2009. Through my reading unspoken questions were answered, things about my child came out which enlightened me, as well as a confirmation that I had a thyroid problem which now has been resolved with medical help. September's reading revealed things regarding my job, which unfolded rather quickly in a positive way. I was sitting on the fence about a decision. It was shown to me through my reading, that my “fears” were a blockage, and that I should tackle them and move forward with what I really wanted to do. I moved forward with making the decision and have not regretted it since. I am always amazed at what comes out in my readings with Marilyn, and how I grow from each experience, enhancing my life journey from having spent time with her.

Thank you Tracy.If you are struggling with a decision and want to look at some different options why not make an appointment? Whether i'ts a Phone reading or in person we can help you. Marilyn will not tell you what to do. She will show you what is lurking in the back of your mind that you don't really want to examine. That will often be the key you need to make your best decision ever.
613-549-2438 or info@kingstonpsychic.com when you are ready to start lovin’ it!

This is what happened to Marilyn. In 2004 her husband died after a prolonged illness that left everyone in the family an emotional wreck. We were not doing well and isolating from each other, taking up bad habits to mask our pain and becoming physically and emotionally ill. In 2005 Marilyn took the bold step to break the pattern of fear and depression gripping the family and sold the family home. In 2006 Marilyn got even bolder and retired two years early! Then she stood back and said “What do I want to do with my life?” She stopped asking “What happened to the life I thought I would always have? What happened to forever and happily ever after?” None of this was pleasant. The changes did not happen overnight. Oddly enough by returning to the Tarot cards she had studied at age 12 she found many of the answers she was seeking. Life is still changing for Marilyn and her family. She now has the tools to adapt. She uses these tools to help you.


Her readings are gentle, explorative, healing, funny, and sensitive.
Each reading is designed to help you overcome whatever threatens your well being.


Marilyn has a passion for her work that shines through in her readings. As Marilyn guided me through the reading she was open to any questions and concerns that I had. The time I spent with her was healing and I left feeling hopeful for the future.
Nicole found transitions easier after a reading.
Transitions in life can be challenging and you look for answers and comfort, Marilyn gives you both. When you get a reading from Marilyn, you can expect the answers good or bad, compassion, and best of all a kind friend. When you have your first reading with Marilyn you will be delightfully surprised and you will want to re-book with her again and again. She is truly gifted, you won’t be disappointed.

Nicole Donaldson

Headstrong' Ayurvedic Head Massage Practitioner 613-449-3033

Is it time to Start Moving Forward with your life? Time to become Un-stuck?

A reading with Marilyn will help you do just that!
Contact Marilyn about your reading or event at