Who Is Marilyn?

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If you are facing very challenging times consider a private reading in a quiet setting and perhaps Tarot Coaching.
  • Tarot cards, channeled messages, crystals are all used to tap into your energy.
  • Allow yourself as much time as you have and can afford for these sessions, finding solutions that suit you can not be rushed. Half hour sessions are $60; forty five minutes are $75 and one hour sessions are $90. You get the full time in reading time so add ten minutes to your reading when you are scheduling your time.
  • Hour long in person sessions work best for Tarot Coaching. These readings are interactive and pinpoint issues in your life. A series of three readings has proved very helpful to clients.
  • Grief can consume us. Take the time to grieve and start new again. Marilyn’s readings are compassionate, healing and offer hope.
  • Your reading will be in a quiet setting. Your reading will reveal what is holding you back. The reading will offer solutions and a way for you to move forward.
  • No matter what length of reading you choose, we will cover as much as we can to help you the most. Choose a reading within your budget and time allowance. Even a short reading will benefit you.
  • Choose an in person reading or a powerful and revealing phone reading
  • Call today to find out about psychic readings, intuitive coaching and in depth coaching programs. Up to date information on what classes, courses and coaching opportunities are available are on the updated news page.
  • Call 613-328-6128 or email info@kingstonpsychic.com to get started today.




Find Peace for your Soul” and “Love the Future” are Marilyn’s signature and this dear lady truly did help me find peace and put me back on track to live happily in the present and look forward to the future.

In spring 2008, my fit and wonderful husband became suddenly chronically ill – a bug bite caused a severe and almost immediate brain infection. He was rushed to hospital by ambulance and given a very, very small chance of survival; his brain was badly swollen and infected. If he survived, the neurology team said he would likely be right-side paralyzed and unable to speak. By the Grace of God, our sweet husband and father did survive. While the road to recovery continues, he makes huge progress daily.

I was so grateful that my husband’s life had been spared, and so very frightened of leaving my angel’s side – so much so that I unwittingly stopped living and was under extreme personal stress … paralyzed with fear of something awful happening to one of our children or my husband having a relapse. I was exhausted and, I think, suffering with something similar to post-traumatic stress.

Strangely, as I would never consider using a Psychic previously, I was guided to Marilyn and decided to have her do my reading. I was shocked that this dear, gentle woman touched on *everything* that I had been secretly worrying about and that had gripped me in fear for the past 16 months. After my reading, all the emotional weight lifted from me and I felt a sense of freedom and happiness that I had not felt since before devastating illness struck our family. The regained inner peace and tranquility that resulted from my time with Marilyn was both astounding and almost life-altering for me and my family. I am, once again, free of fear and loving and living life. Thank you, Marilyn. I truly believe you are God’s messenger and a truly gifted earth angel!

If you are ready to Find Peace for Your Soul call for a reading.
Help comes when we ask for it. 613-328-6128 or info@kingstonpsychic.com

Psychic readings can add so much fun to your event. 613-328-6128
What kind of party? Any party!
  • Bridal shower
  • Baby shower
  • Mother’s day party
  • Garden party for old friends
  • Birthdays
  • Divorces
  • BBQ’s
  • Reunions
  • Entertain your wedding guests
  • Office parties
  • Christmas parties
  • Bride’s stag party
Curious and just want to see what a reading will do for you?
Need some group support after your reading?
Organize a psychic party or day long psychic event:
Marilyn will come to your location.

Each person has their own individual reading in a room away from the party, the reading is recorded. Your reading will highlight the main issues and concerns you have. It will also show you what is working for you and how to keep it going! A minimum of four people required at $50 for each half hour reading (this is my gift to everyone attending of $10 off a regular reading).


Expect quick readings that are fun and light and entertaining; not recorded;

Marilyn will dress in costume if requested.

Readings can be done in a quiet corner or right in the middle of the party. Plan on $100 an hour with a two hour minimum. You might pick up the tab yourself as a gift to your guests or each guest can pay their own. Ask me, there are lots of ways to make this work and be fun. 613-328-6128

Ask Marilyn about her Motivational Speaker and Workshop series for staff meetings and retreats. 

  • Marilyn has over thirty years of management experience.
  • Workshops are action oriented.
  • Participants leave with a plan to move toward their goals.

“Marilyn made learning Tarot easy and so much fun. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her knowledge is very impressive. Her workshop handouts are very useful for recapping and making notes, and contain reading recommendations for further self-study. What I really appreciate about Marilyn is that, like any good teacher would, she continues to study under, and learn, from the best in the world through annual trips to conventions in New York City. She brings everything she learns into the classroom and you can benefit from it whether you are a beginner or advanced student. Not surprisingly, I highly recommend taking any workshop with Marilyn!” Carol
Marilyn loves to teach Tarot and Crystal Ball scrying. Why study Tarot? Tarot represents the universal journey of the soul. Studying Tarot teaches you about yourself. Crystal Ball scrying and meditation classes offer you a new way to enhance the peace within you. Crystals amplify your emotions and thoughts. Get to know yourself with these classes. Learn how to do readings for yourself and others.

Check out the blog page for up to date class dates.
The second Tuesday of every month except July at The Purple Door Books, 376 Barrie St from 6:30 to 9. $10. We gather around the table and tap into whatever intuitive source we wish to use and do mini-readings for each other. We will coach you if you get stuck and always appreciate your insights.

In 2010 Marilyn taught Crystal Ball Scrying in NYC at the illustrious Readers Studio Tarot Conference put on by the Tarot School. She was a member of a five panel symposium on Tarot organized by James Wells in Toronto. A good teacher is always learning.

Tarot Classes:

There is a Tarot class in January, February, March, April and May and then again in September, October and November. Check out the Updated News Page or sign up for the newsletter to find out what is happening!
Did you know that you can learn to scry (read the crystal ball) any where in the world? Classes are taught in Kingston once a year and BootCamp Scrying is taught in a five week Telescrying series each fall. Updated news or the newsletter will give you the actual dates and details. Imagine reading a Crystal Ball on the phone with people around the world. Marilyn is one of the people teaching Scrying this way. She has been named Queen of the Crystal Ball. You can learn to scry from the comfort of your home whether you are in Australia, Japan, the U.S.A, Canada…well, anywhere in the world really.

  • James Wells, the teachers’ teacher as a student:
On a chilly February afternoon, a group of us gathered to experience Marilyn’s introductory crystal ball scrying workshop.  The material presented was inspiring and fun, the meditations were peaceful and rich, and we were all astounded at how much depth and insight we could receive through scrying in such a short time.  Only someone who is an adept at her art could evoke this.  Marilyn is Canada’s Queen of the Crystal Ball!
  • And then there was Wizard School!
    If you have kids they will love this camp and Wizard School! 
Creative Genius Kids Camp was blessed this past summer to have Marilyn Shannon as a main teacher in Wizard School. Our children range in age from 6 to 14 and Marilyn’s teaching was age appropriate. The children loved her! She shared her knowledge of crystals backed by her experience and wisdom. She held the children's attention and sparked a desire to learn more. Many of the children went home and returned having purchased their own crystal balls. Marilyn taught the children not only the history of crystals but also how to read them. She taught for two full days and was so well received by the children and staff that we wanted her to stay. Marilyn gave two full days completely voluntarily. She was enthusiastic, open hearted and highly entertaining. Marilyn would be fabulous for children's birthday parties!  We are looking forward to having Marilyn again as a guest teacher at next years camp.  Any student of any age who is interested in metaphysics could benefit from Marilyn’s teachings.  
Need $$$$$$$$$$$$$ for that organization you belong to?
Marilyn likes to give back to her community.
This psychic can raise hundreds of dollars for your charity.

Call and ask for our help raising funds!
  • The Bay Gala twice a year in support of Breast Cancer.
  • Dragon Boat Festival in support of The Boys and Girls Club of Kingston; Marilyn supports the Supper Club where 100 children have supper each weeknight, with her own “Tell Me You Paddle” summer fundraiser.
  • Chameleon Nation Fashion Show in support of The March of Dimes.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart at Division and Princess St in support of Martha's Table.
  • Kenya Energy Faire in support of Kenyan women and orphans.
  • With Panache Bakery in support of The Gananoque Boys and Girls Club.
Marilyn provides a number of scholarships each year to people who are struggling and need help but cannot afford a reading.

Ask me for a gift certificate for your silent auctions.

All it takes is a phone call to help you raise more revenue at your events!
Hear from two charities we helped with fund raising:

Marilyn Shannon is the ultimate volunteer. She donated a full day of her time giving readings to help us raise money for our Kingston to Kenya energy faire. She arrived happy and delighted to be contributing her services to help the less fortunate. For two years she has been a highlight of our faire as her readings are considered to be some of the best in our Kingston area. She is popular for many reasons. One is her accuracy but I feel it is her positive, enthusiastic, supportive spirit that attracts people to her. Marilyn’s gifts and talents can be highlighted to raise money for any organization. It is always a gift to have Marilyn present at any event. I have nothing but gratitude for her willingness to share of herself so selflessly.




"We were fortunate to have Marilyn, owner of kingstonpsychic.com, volunteer at our annual fashion show. Our proceeds for the event were going to support the March of Dimes. She was most certainly the star of the show, bringing in over $500 for MOD in just two hours!! Marilyn adds professionalism to every event, working with her was stress free and convenient. Marilyn brings fun and insight with her wherever she goes!"

Is it time to Start Moving Forward with your life? Time to become Un-stuck?

A reading with Marilyn will help you do just that!
Contact Marilyn about your reading or event at