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So glad that you found your way to kingstonpsychic.com
Come in, get comfortable and have a look around.
See what we have to offer!

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and we can arrange that. Marilyn works around your schedule.

If you would like an appointment with Marilyn call her at:


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Helping More People Be Fearless and Find Peace for Their Soul!
Marilyn's readings and intuitive coaching programs help people overcome fear and move forward to the next best thing in their life. People find happiness and peace for their soul by working with Marilyn and taking action in their life.

Are you ready to Be Fearless, Find Peace for Your Soul and Happiness?
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I first met Marilyn in 1992. We started talking and she mentioned that she was interested and was learning the Tarot Cards. Well, I volunteered to be her Guinea Pig. What a bonus !!! I watched her grow and become a gifted reader. I especially enjoy how she incorporates personal information and examples from her life. Her voice is so compassionate and soothing. She has changed my life by telling me what the cards say, that i already knew, but i didn't want to acknowledge to myself. When Marilyn first started reading for me, she had her work cut out for her. There still are things in my life that has to be changed, but change comes in baby steps. I am so very thankful that Marilyn is in my life and certainly a friend that loves me and is concerned with me and my life's travels. Thank you Marilyn for everything that you have brought into my life.


Your Friend Forever Kathy Kennedy of Kingston
Thank you for being such a wise and helpful presence in my life, for more than four years now! I first met you at a blues festival, when a friend skipped over to your tent and slapped down the money for a 15-minute reading. The life you foretold for me then seemed so magical and impossible, but it has all come true in time! (Well, except for visiting the Jesus statue in Rio.) The charming man you said would know exactly what to do, has indeed come into my life, and we are very happy together. I tell friends that you don’t look like a psychic - you look my wise auntie dispensing advice over the kitchen table. Your insights don't tie me down to the future, but dispel my anxiety about what is ahead. You have always been gentle about disclosing what you see. And supportive in reflecting back to me the woman you see me becoming. And we do a lot of laughing! Later, I wait to see the people around me doing the things you suggested they might, often using the same phrases you used in the reading. Sometimes I even hear myself saying those words! And when things don’t go as I want them to, it is easier to let go and let things, and people, unfold as they will.


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Is it time to Start Moving Forward with your life? Time to become Un-stuck?

A reading with Marilyn will help you do just that!
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