Who Is Marilyn

Marilyn never really thought about why quartz crystal spheres held such a fascination and comfort for her. If you look at her family home, you will see that it is constructed of huge granite, feldspar and quartz boulders…big round stones full of quartz! This is the home Marilyn grew up in on Treasure Island situated right on the shores of the St Lawrence River just east of Kingston Ontario Canada. Marilyn still lives in Kingston today. From a very early age Marilyn would slip down to the shoreline of granite boulders and gaze out at the river. Here she learned the technique of scrying, to discern, which she uses today reading crystal balls for you. We had great fun in this home where you would find a ouija board and eventually Tarot cards when Marilyn was about 12. The home was magical and amazing. It was the very place for a budding psychic to grow up. Its where she learned to care about others. Here is what Marilyn can do for you.

What Can a Psychic reading with marilyn do for you?

We help you embrace change.

It’s the only constant in life and most of us don’t deal very well with change. I can help you make sense of those changes. You will see what issues keep blocking you from Loving the Future. You will identify what if anything you need to heal in your past. You will see what IS working for you and what to do More of to Love Your Life!

And yes we can do that using Tarot Cards, crystal ball and my guides connecting with you. My clients have had great success in dealing with issues about relationships, addictions, work changes, kids and parents. They see where money, love, sex and fear affect their day to day joy.

Louise McKee has had an incredible journey. Here is what working with Marilyn did for her:

Marilyn Shannon has been both a work colleague and personal friend for many years……she has also read my tarot cards for as long as I can remember, and done so accurately and empathetically, with incredible compassion and accuracy!!!!!……Marilyn is a dedicated professional who takes pride in her work, yet always lends an air of enthusiasm, positivity and fun to everything she does…….whether it’s reading tarot cards, scrying, teaching her varied classes, conducting her round table sessions or managing her website – Marilyn is gifted and insightful and always strives to address each individual’s questions and concerns with accuracy and consideration……She genuinely cares about the people she sees and teaches, and it shows…….During a very difficult time in my personal life, not only did Marilyn assist me as much as I needed with her readings and crystal therapies, but she also was one of the few people who was compassionate enough to check on me personally on a regular basis, to ensure I was still surviving…….I owe Marilyn a debt of gratitude for her insightful lessons and her personal concern……..

marilyn's story

This is what happened to Marilyn. In 2004 her husband died after a prolonged illness that left everyone in the family an emotional wreck. We were not doing well and isolating from each other, taking up bad habits to mask our pain and becoming physically and emotionally ill. In 2005 Marilyn took the bold step to break the pattern of fear and depression gripping the family and sold the family home. In 2006 Marilyn got even bolder and retired two years early! Then she stood back and said “What do I want to do with my life?” She stopped asking “What happened to the life I thought I would always have? What happened to forever and happily ever after?” None of this was pleasant. The changes did not happen overnight. Oddly enough by returning to the Tarot cards she had studied at age 12 she found many of the answers she was seeking. Life is still changing for Marilyn and her family. She now has the tools to adapt. She uses these tools to help you.

Her readings are gentle, explorative, healing, funny, and sensitive.
Each reading is designed to help you overcome whatever threatens your well being.

Marilyn has a passion for her work that shines through in her readings. As Marilyn guided me through the reading she was open to any questions and concerns that I had. The time I spent with her was healing and I left feeling hopeful for the future.


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