A reading will:

  • Put you in touch with deep emotional feelings.
  • Show you where those feelings come from.
  • Point out steps you can take now to release those feelings and
  • How to grow new feelings as you heal.
  • Show you how you can Love Your Future and Find Peace For Your Soul!
(We keep repeating that because that’s what we do best!)

J.S. of Montreal calls when she is facing change:

I have been the beneficiary of psychic consultations with Marilyn Shannon for a couple years now. I call Marilyn to gain more clarity about issues and to go deeper into my own awareness and understanding of my life and my self. Marilyn uses a mix of approaches – coaching, counseling, advising and consulting. Her psychic ability and extraordinary intuition underpin these approaches and enable her to be truly helpful.

why have A reading with marilyn instead of anyone else?

  • Years of experience helping people solve problems (solving her own problems adds to her insights).
  • Deep intuitive sense of what the cards and crystals are saying about what you are feeling, fearful of, and hoping for.
  • Voice recorded readings so that you can listen to your reading later on.
  • Longer than average readings with time for questions.
  • People say that my readings make a big difference in their life!

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Tracy uses her readings as a tool to overcome doubt

I heard about Marilyn through a friend at work, and I had my first reading spring 2009. Through my reading unspoken questions were answered, things about my child came out which enlightened me, as well as a confirmation that I had a thyroid problem which now has been resolved with medical help. September’s reading revealed things regarding my job, which unfolded rather quickly in a positive way. I was sitting on the fence about a decision. It was shown to me through my reading, that my “fears” were a blockage, and that I should tackle them and move forward with what I really wanted to do. I moved forward with making the decision and have not regretted it since. I am always amazed at what comes out in my readings with Marilyn, and how I grow from each experience, enhancing my life journey from having spent time with her.

Sincerely, Tracy.H.

Thank you Tracy. If you are struggling with a decision and want to look at some different options why not make an appointment? Whether i’ts a Phone reading or in person we can help you. Marilyn will not tell you what to do. She will show you what is lurking in the back of your mind that you don’t really want to examine. That will often be the key you need to make your best decision ever.

613-328-6128 or info@kingstonpsychic.com when you are ready to start lovin’ it!

“If you’re looking for some guidance in helping you to move forward in your life, to reach your highest good, then Marilyn is a great resource to reach out to and connect. I’ve personally seen Marilyn three times over the last decade and each time I was at a point of transition. That’s when I knew that Marilyn would help. Each time she hit the nail on the head. Using The Tarot, it was almost like she held up a mirror which allowed me to see my current situation more clearly and then supported me in seeing my options to go forward to a richer, more satisfying and healthier life. Marilyn has a great gift and she uses that gift to your benefit. When you’re with Marilyn you feel like you’re with a wise and caring friend. This has been my experience three times and I look forward to the next time. Thank you so much Marilyn. You’re a treasure.”


Our very demanding lives leave us no time to stop and reconnect with our spirits and connect with the environment. Just as we started to experience the first and the second wave of Covid I saw a very interesting course. This was  the Tarot Card Course. The teacher of this course was Marylin. I signed for this course, because of my curiosity and partially because I wanted to explore the world of spirits and intuitions. It took me not a very long time to became the tarot nerd. Marilyn is an amazing teacher, who knows how to make learning fun, interesting and inclusive. What is also unique that her classes are not about memorizing meanings of these cards. It is about the journey, making friends and becoming part of the group which supports each other. 

Thank you Marilyn for a wonderful experience.

Mirka J.

“My personal journey into Tarot and beyond with Marilyn started over two years ago, as basically a beginner in her class. Marilyn professes the concept that the message of the Tarot cards and the story they tell can be different for each person. You should take from her teachings what rings right with yourself.  She has helped me develop full trust in my intuition and to be confident in my readings. To say what the cards say to me. With Marilyn there are no wrong interpretations, just many levels. I am amazed each year as the many layers of the Tarot have been revealed through Marilyn’s expert guidance.”

Louise G.

I first met Marilyn as a teacher.  To me she is intelligent, intuitive, & inspirational.  Learning how to read Tarot cards with Marilyn has been fun.  Her level of knowledge seems endless.  She has a way of helping you to use what you did not think you knew, a way of doing this without making it feel like work.  Through her classes, I have a greater understanding of the Tarot and how it works.  Through her way of teaching, I have gained more confidence in myself.  I have nothing but admiration for Marilyn.  You can trust her to tell you what the cards truely say.  


I started studying Tarot with Marilyn two years ago and through her expert teaching have become a convert to  Tarot. I found her to be an intuitive and compassionate teacher, always giving praise when it was much needed and appreciated. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of Tarot kept me wanting to know more and to continue my Tarot journey. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning about Tarot.

Evelyn Smith

Thank you, Marilyn, for helping keep us sane via Zoom the last couple years…and imparting a little of your trove of wisdom and knowledge along the way. Enjoy your summer.

With much gratitude, 


Marilyn Shannon first read my cards approximately 14 years ago. At the time I was widowed and curious to see if anyone special would come into my life. Marilyn’s answer was a resounding “Yes…and he will be here to plant your flowers in the spring.” And he was and we are still together 14 years later.

I have also noted during further readings with Marilyn that at times she is able to connect with spirits and bring their messages to us.

I have been taking Tarot Card lessons (through the Senior Centre) with Marilyn in a small group setting. We have been on Zoom for our lessons…this has offered us a unique opportunity to better connect and get to know others with like minds. Marilyn is a great teacher and we have all thoroughly enjoyed our classes. 

I highly recommend Marilyn Shannon to share her capabilities with you. You will not be disappointed.

A very satisfied client…Marilyn W.