Join Us For A Conference November 2022

We are having an in-person and zoom conference November 11 to 13 2022 in Kington Ontario. Speakers, vendors, we feed you, old friends and new friends to be found. It is a Tarot Lenormand party! 

Registration is open. All the information that you want is at:

Watch this space for upcoming classes and events with Marilyn. Or better yet join me on Facebook or Instagram to get the latest up to date news on upcoming classes. They sell out fast!

Let me know what topics interest you and I will see what I can put together. 

Crystal Ball and Scrying Classes: 

We study one on one via Zoom for a couple of hours with a follow up option available. We work with your crystals and my coaching. This class is just for you and really does work. Cost is $149. Contact me to book your session one on one with Marilyn. 

Nature, Tarot and Oracle Walks

If you really want to dig deep into something, consider a two-hour session with Marilyn. These are best if they are outside on a walk or sitting by the water. We chat, we pull cards, we share and of course you end up with one of my famous homework cards! These are deep readings, personal and we commune with the animals, birds, trees and water that surround us. If the outdoors is not your thing, we can have tea and work together quite well for a two-hour session right in my home too.  The fee for this is $225 including HST paid in advance. Contact me directly to arrange this session. 

Maria shares about her experience here: 

“Thank you, Marilyn for guiding me on a beautiful journey in nature to realign myself. I love your invitations to connect within and without. It was magical engaging with the earth and woodland creatures of birds, chipmunks, squirrels, tree sisters and oracles. I was able to release a lot of anxiety and trauma and to walk away refreshed with a deeper connection to my authentic self. This adventure serves to remind me of what is possible and to release what no longer serves me.

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